Full Moon Ritual: Embrace Your Uniqueness & Challenge The Status Quo

As the Super Sturgeon Moon approaches on August 1, 2023, it carries with it a profound spiritual meaning, inviting you to embrace your uniqueness and challenge the status quo. This full moon, taking place in the innovative sign of Aquarius, sheds light on your thoughts, perspectives, and the ways you challenge traditional norms.
In this full moon ritual, we will focus on liberating ourselves from the need for external validation and embracing the parts of us that may not always be celebrated. It's time to dance to the beat of your own drum and express yourself openly, regardless of what others may think.
Ritual Items:
🕯️ White candle
🖊️ Paper and pen
🌕Crystals (Amethyst and Aquamarine are recommended)
🤫 Comfortable space and quiet time
Ritual Steps:
Setting the Intention: Find a quiet space and light the white candle. Take a moment to center yourself and set the intention for this ritual. Affirm that you are here to liberate yourself from the need for external validation and embrace your authentic self.

Journaling: Take the pen and paper and begin journaling your thoughts, opinions, and views that may be different from the norm. Write down the ways in which you challenge traditional thinking and the parts of you that make you stand out from the crowd. Embrace these qualities and celebrate them.
Crystal Meditation: Hold the crystals (Amethyst for intuition and Aquamarine for self-expression) in your hands and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and visualize the energy of these crystals filling you with confidence and courage to express yourself freely.
Letting Go: Now, write down any limiting beliefs or fears you may have about expressing your true self. Acknowledge these fears but also affirm that they no longer serve you. Declare your intention to let go of these limitations and embrace your unique voice.
Full Moon Gazing: If possible, go outside and bask in the light of the Super Sturgeon Moon. Take a few moments to gaze at the moon and feel its energy radiating through you. Allow the moon's light to cleanse and liberate you from any self-doubt or need for validation.
Affirmation: Repeat the following affirmation aloud or in your mind: "I embrace my uniqueness, and I am confident in expressing my true self. I release the need for external validation and stand in my authentic power."
Gratitude: Take a moment to express gratitude for the parts of you that make you stand out and the courage to express yourself openly. Thank the moon for its guidance and support in this process of liberation.
Closing: Blow out the white candle and take a deep breath, knowing that you have empowered yourself to be true to who you are. Carry this sense of liberation and authenticity with you as you move forward.
Remember, the Super Sturgeon Moon is a powerful time to embrace what makes you unique and liberate yourself from the need for external validation. Embrace your individuality and let your light shine brightly, for being true to yourself is a gift to the world.
May this ritual guide you on your journey of self-expression and spiritual growth.