Intuitive Readings

Looking for answers or direction on your journey? Our expert ALTYR practitioners use tools such as Oracle, Tarot cards and the Akashic Records to call on your spirit guides for answers or self-discovery.

Good for finding new perspective, assists with profound insight, can grant clarity of thought and supports a sense of inner peace.

Your practitioner will likely use the tools and method of divination that they are most comfortable with for your intuitive reading. Some practitioners may use a combination or utilize different tools in different readings, as they make their choices intuitively based on the work needed to be performed. Expect to be in touch with universal energy, spirit guides, and a mode of communication you may not be used to. Your practitioner is your guide through this experience and will reveal to you what their tools show them about your inquiry..
While you don't have to do anything before your intuitive reading session, it may be helpful to set an intention for your session. It will help get you in the mindset for your reading as well as open your mind and heart for communication with your reader and guides. If you are not sure what to ask, mention a certain aspect of your life, such as career or relationships, for a more general reading. Remember, your practitioner can only read what you give them permission to.

Some people prefer to write down specific questions pertaining to their reading. You may find it helpful to jot down a few important questions before your session, but there's no need for a list. Focus your mind on what it is you really want to connect with and do your best to bring that into your reading for it to be the most revealing it can be.
When your session is complete, you will be full of new insight related to your question, topic, or life in general. Additional thoughts and ideas may come up for you, and you can spend a few moments discussing them with your ALTYR practitioner at the end of your session, or reflect in them in the coming hours and days.

Take a few extra moments that week to journal, meditate, build new habits, and reflect on your session. Intuitive readings can bring up profound revelations for you, and make sure you give yourself the time and space to fully experience them following your session.
An intuitive reading session can be a great way for you to explore an aspect of your life that has weighed heavily on your mind or to help discover where you should be focusing your energy. An intuitive reading is like a story for your thoughts, feelings, and patterns, allowing you to see things in a different light. Your practitioner may use a number of different divination tools to help guide the session and make a connection with spirit guides around us.

Tarot is a common form of divination, where a reader will draw a certain number of cards based on your questions. Some tarot spreads involve just a few cards, while some include several. This will depend on your questions, your reader, and their reading style. Tarot decks are highly visual, with each card representing different ideas, meanings, or situations. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent archetypal figures of the psyche, making them universally comprehended. The 56 remaining cards are minor arcana, split into four suits, pentacles, swords, cups, and wands, representing the four elements, earth, air, water, and fire respectively. This structure of cards is the precursor to the modern playing card deck.

Oracle cards are a bit more free-flowing than tarot, following a more liberal design with no specific number of cards per deck. Oracle cards focus on larger concepts, providing insight into the big picture of your question. An oracle card can help provide a theme for your reading, or a combination of themes to bring something more specific into focus. Many readers may use oracle decks in conjunction with tarot decks. The oracle card would reveal the topic of the reading, while the tarot would focus on more detailed aspects of your question.

The Akashic records are an energetic library of the journey and emotional experience of all souls throughout existence. Intuitive Akashic record readings tap into the spirit realm to access answers to questions about your soul, patterns, and how to navigate the near future. It is helpful to have a question, idea, or aspect of your life you wish to explore for your reading. Your reader will offer insight about your situation or question, providing guidance to help you navigate the next part of your life. The guidance received in these sessions can be healing and powerful, and a newly gained perspective can indeed be life-changing.