The Body Treatment


More than a massage.  This is body work, assisted stretch, and myofascial release with the goal of detoxification and lymphatic drainage.  As with all of our services, expect a sensory and spiritual experience.

Currently available in Los Angeles (in-person) only. 

Your ALTYR practitioner will set up their table in a space that you provide and ask you about any specific parts of your body that are tender, inflamed, injured, or uncomfortable. You and your therapist will agree on a level of pressure that is comfortable for you. Employing crystals, sage, and essential oils, they will use different massage modalities, including assisted stretching, to focus on any trigger areas.
Make sure to clear an area for the table in an uninterruptable, quiet space. Drink plenty of water. Feel free to light candles or an essential oil diffuser. If you don't have a favorite spa/mediation playlist, our practitioner can recommend one.
Do not shower or bathe for up to 12 hours after the massage. If you are hungry, eat a small meal that is high in nutrients and minerals. Don't do any intensive exercise for at least 24 hours, as you may feel muscle soreness while your body continues to release toxins. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and refrain from alcohol for at least a few hours.

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