Mini Meditations


30 minute live guided virtual meditations.  Experience the magic that can be created between you and your practitioner in just 30 minutes. 

Get happy. 

Get calm. 

Get pumped.

Shown to reduce anxiety and stress. Can alleviate depression, aid in pain management and balance the nervous system. Known to lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and decrease cortisol. Good for increasing creativity, balancing emotions, improving focus and memory.

A shorter, more targeted version of our meditation service
Find a quiet, comfortable spot for your quick meditation. Feel free to light candles or diffuse essential oils Your practitioner will consult with you via zoom to discuss your needs and intentions in a bit more depth. Your guided medittation will begin, with soft music playing in the background, as you ease into your body and your breath as your practitioner leads you through a metaphysical journey that will help you reach your intended goal. You can prepare for your meditation by jotting down a few things that have recently stirred your anxiety, shifted your mood, or mitigated your energy. Being aware of these things will allow you the set the attention to allow them to come into consciousness through meditation in a non-judgmental way. Allow yourself to sit with recollections and realizations until your session begins.
Once your practice is over, you may choose to remain in your relaxed position for some time. Do not feel rushed to open your eyes and stand up, and do so at your own pace. Have a glass of water once you do. Take a moment to express gratitude for the moment you have just created for yourself. Check in with your body, mind, and spirit, and allow for the results of your practice to sink in. Take note of your stress levels and any thoughts or feelings you were left with. It may be helpfu to revisit the notes you wrote down before your session and see if you look at them in a different way or with a renewed sense of facing them.

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