About Us

What We Do

Altyr is a wellness platform for the cosmically curious designed to optimize and support your health & wellness goals with our team of highly skilled and vetted practitioners across multiple healing modalities. We also offer a range of curated products to enhance daily wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on connecting our community with specialized practitioners and guides trained in multiple disciplines and can tailor a precise approach to your individual self-care needs.

We believe that spirituality and mysticism can be powerful wellness tools. We believe there is no such thing as “alternative medicine” or a one size fits all prescription. We believe in the mastery of our highly skilled healers. We believe there are modalities from around the world, practiced for thousands of years, that are essential to creating a more balanced, open, and healthy life. Welcome To Altyr, the next step in your spiritual and healing journey.

A Note From Our Founder

The concept for ALTYR was conceived 5 years ago when founder Camrin Agin began her own holistic and spiritual health journey after years of suffering from stress related pain and migraines with no relief from traditional western medicine. Realizing there was not a trusted source for finding the top wellness practitioners and healers in Los Angeles, she decided to create Altyr, a concierge service for the cosmically curious.

In today’s fast-paced digitally driven world we all need time to slow down mind and body and recharge. Everyone’s lives are overloaded with constant information, constant connection and the need for immediate response – it’s easy to lose sight of your own needs. Altyr allows you to reconnect in the comfort of your own home and will create a customized journey to address a myriad of modern day ailments with centuries old services from around the world. It’s about creating a safe space within you by creating a safe space around you.