Yin Yoga

Yin yoga can be considered more akin to a stretching meditation than exercise. An Altyr certified yoga guru will aid you in this slow movement, giving you space and time to turn inward and tune into both your mind and body. While “yang” yoga focuses your muscles, "yin" yoga targets deep connective tissues, such as your fascia, ligaments and joints. Increase circulation, open up the flow of nutrients through the body, and improve mobility and flexibility.

Good for reducing anxiety, stress and body tension and encouraging mindfulness. Can release fascia (connective tissue below the skin), known to help improve the flow of energy and increase circulation, flexibility and joint mobility.

Your ALTYR practitioner will help you set up an optimal space for yoga. After a brief conversation about both your physical and mental well-being, your guide will help you set a specific intention for the service. In both seated and standing positions, you will work through your breath to hold key positions. Your exhales will be twice as long as your deep inhales. This will simultaneously open blood flow while reducing tension and inflammation, allowing you to mindfully experience each and every specific pose independently.
Be sure to have a comfortable yoga mat or thick blanket or towel, plenty of water, and loose, breathable clothing. If you have a calming, intrumental-only spa or meditation playlist, feel free to queue it up - if not, our practitioner can suggest one they will have on hand.
Expect to be in a more emotional state than when you began your session as a result of all the physical and mental energy you've expended. Pent up emotions and trauma become released and uncovered through successive work on the connective tissues in your body, especially in the hips. The connective tissue, also known as fascia, embodies our past trauma and unresolved issues. Please drink plenty of water and rest your body and mind.

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