Space Clearing

Your home holds energy just like your body. Because our mental space is aligned with our physical one, it’s imperative to clear where you live in order to lighten how you think and feel. Enter our ALTYR practitioner with sage, palo santo, rosemary and other tools to move negativity out and replace it with warm reiki energy. Let our practitioners shift the vibration in your practical space to heal your metaphysical one. Perfect for a housewarming, new office or work space.

Can help to alleviate anxiety and depression and aid mental clarity and focus. Supports a sense of inner peace, creates a calming atmosphere, good for helping sleep patterns and lessing allergens in the air.

Your session will start with a conversation with your ALTYR practitioner where you will familiarize them with your goals. Our practitioners are intuitive and will naturally be drawn to the part of the space that needs clearing, but you can let them know if there are specific areas associated with any negative feelings, a loved one who is no longer with us, or a build up of physical, mental, and emotional daily clutter.

Your practitioner may move around freely during the session. They may ask you certain questions during the energy clearing to better understand specific instances of stagnant energy. Space clearing can be very deep work and your ALTYR practitioner will want to understand the nature of the environment as best as possible.
The best way to prepare for a space clearing is to reduce the clutter in your home or business. This helps you get in the right state of mind for your space clearing session as well as create an area that your ALTYR practitioner can work in. Your practitioner may begin by protecting the space from the inside and/or outside, before moving to specific areas, moving methodically through the spaces.

If the negativity in your space is related to a certain incident or situation, identify any objects, pieces of furniture, or specific areas in your space that are associated with it. It would be helpful to mention this to your practitioner if you feel comfortable. If you are feeling that there is just a lot of stuck energy in your space, prepare your area to be possibly moved around or shifted to better support feng shui principles.
Spend time in your new space and feel the different energy. Whether you are working, relaxing, sleeping, or sharing a space with someone, notice the change your space has undergone and embrace the flowing energy in your home. Tune in by meditating or celebrating.

If the stagnancy of energy was related to a loved one who is no longer there, give yourself time to make peace with that, expressing your gratitude for the new opportunity in your home. You may benefit from additional space clearing once or twice a year if you feel clutter and energy build up.