Reiki is a holistic healing technique. The practitioner uses light touch or floats the hands above the recipient's body, to help stimulate natural healing processes. Acting as a channel for energy, the practitioner can help balance the physical body, emotions and mental states. Most people feel relaxed & rejuvenated after a reiki session. Reiki can be used to heal and balance ourselves, others, animals, the earth, water, food, crystals, situations.

It's common to experience tingling vibrations, numbness and sleepiness during a reiki session. The practitioners hands may feel hot. One might experience an emotional release, such as crying or feelings of elation. In some cases, extreme fatigue, flu-like symptoms and digestive issues can be experienced after a session. This is the body's way of clearing your system. Be sure to engage in proper self-care.

Subtle energy is experienced in different ways. Some people are visually sensitive and may see colors or patterns with the eyes closed. Others may hear buzzing or vibrations or feel changes in temperature or pressure. The more awareness you have of these sensations, the more likely you are to sense reiki energy. Fatigue, hunger, pain, or feeling too hot or cold during the session can affect your ability to notice subtle sensations. The most important thing is how you feel after the session, not necessarily the sensations felt during the session. If a client doesn't notice any effects after a session, it doesn't necessarily mean it didn't have an effect. Subtle energy is felt in different ways and not everyone has cultivated an awareness of their own subtle energy processes. One may not recognize changes in their mood or energy levels as an effect. Additionally, like any other healing modality, if the client isn't open and receptive to the possibility of healing, effects may not be noticed.

To prepare for a reiki session, dress comfortably, eat a light snack so you're not distracted by hunger, and arrive early so you feel relaxed and can ease into the experience. After the session, drink plenty of water and spend some quiet time reflecting upon the experience.