Relax with a Sound Bath in Los Angeles

A sound bath experience is an immersive and sensory meditative journey that can help create healing energy for you. Sound baths use instruments like singing bowls and gongs to vibrationally cleanse stagnant or negative energy. For beginners, a sound bath can be more accessible than meditation classes and workshops because of how easy it is to relax. 

Sound healing has been an ancient wellness technique used for thousands of years. Reduced stress, anxiety, and blood pressure have been some of its noted benefits. Vibrations from crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, and other resonant instruments act directly on the body and the water within it to help us retune and recalibrate. 

Experiencing a Sound Bath

Sound bath experiences will likely differ from one practitioner to another. Generally they will begin with a brief meditation and intention setting, before your practitioner introduces the instruments and begins to use them. At Altyr, we offer sound healing experiences all over Los Angeles, as our sound healers service Mid City, West LA, Southbay, the SFV Valley, Pasadena, and more. 

Offering both in person and virtual sessions, our sound baths can be done anywhere you have a peaceful space to enjoy them. Some recipients and sound healers may prefer to do a session indoors or outdoors, during the day or under a full moon. Both new and full moons are good times to set or work on intentions. Using specific gemstone bowls may help boost or support that intention. For example, a black tourmaline bowl may support someone’s intention of bringing protective vibrational energy to their lives.

For a taste of what you’ll experience during a live session, enjoy this sound bath with  @dynastyelectric from @theAltyr in collaboration with @youareherecommunity community. 



In Closing 

A sound bath can be a great way to help heal and recalibrate your mind. It can be a great way to regain focus to create the life you want for yourself with the peace you deserve. Sound baths can be much more easily approachable than traditional meditation, and can offer a quick, but lasting reset. If you think a loved one may benefit from a sound bath, send an Altyr Gift Card for them to redeem one at their own convenience.