A sound bath is an immersive meditative experience where sound and music are used to clear, balance, and harmonize a person’s energetic fields (body, mind and spirit) The frequencies of singing bowls, gongs and chimes can calm the thoughts and emotions, and thus prevent and heal disease in the physical body. A sound bath can be an incredibly relaxing and restorative experience, as well as an inner journey of awareness, clarity and self-realization.
A sound bath can help reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Rather than the western model of attacking a disease with drugs or surgery, sound healing music promotes a general harmony or wellness of the being.  When that harmony is achieved between our physical, mental and energetic bodies, healing can naturally occur.  It is no longer impeded by discordant thoughts or discordant energy inside of our body. In this sense music can potentially treat or alleviate any condition since it’s not specifically attacking a certain condition but promoting healing and wellness in general.

If disease is on a cellular, molecular level, things are out of balance – out of a cohesive pattern.  If we are all vibrations the sound can come in and we entrain with the harmonious vibrational patterns of the different sounds.  As a preventative measure sound can penetrate our vibrational field even before it hits the physical body, our mental fields, thoughts and emotions and it can balance those before something gets lodged in the body as a physical ailment or disease.