Sound Bath

Sound baths have been used for centuries to calm the nervous system while tuning the body's chakras. Our ALTYR sound bath expert will ease you into a deep meditative state where healing occurs on a cellular level using crystal singing bowls, gongs, and vibrational instruments.

Known to reduce anxiety and stress and help alleviate depression and pain. Can balance the nervous system, lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and decreases cortisol. Good for improving energy levels, restful sleep, releasing body tension and imroving mood.

Sound baths are extremely relaxing and you should expect to be in a resting state for the majority of your session. Instruments may be arranged around you or a practitioner may bring them in individually as the session continues. The instruments can be played remotely (virtually) as well. Enjoy your unique experience as it serves your personal growth, self-awareness, and transformation at the present moment.
You do not have to do much to prepare for a sound bath session, however, it helps to be in comfortable clothes, have a yoga mat to lie on, and a blanket if desired. A warm cup of tea or herbal drink can help you relax and warm up before a session and it helps to be hydrated and keep a bottle of water near you. Once the session starts, you only need to relax, breathe, and listen. Your ALTYR practitioner may guide you through the experience with vocal prompts or may just play the instruments as you experience the healing from the session.

For virtual, it is helpful to have a set of headphones to let the healing sounds fully bathe over you.
During a sound bath, many emotions may arise. Allow yourself the time and space to experience this. You may also have a tingling sensation, lightness or heaviness, or any array of feelings. Such sensations are normal after a deeper sound bath session and are part of the natural healing process. Physically, it is important you keep hydrated and drink lots of water after your session. Allow time for introspection, thought, rest, or meditation if needed. Your practitioner can help guide you through some of these feelings. Please reach out with questions or to schedule a follow-up session at your convenience.