Altyr Signature Service

An ALTYR approved practitioner will guide you through a personalized journey in the comfort of home using a variety of tools including meditation, energy work, sound healing, crystals and intuitive reading. Emerge feeling deeply relaxed and recentered.

Known to help alleviate anxiety, stress and depression. Can help increase creativity and balance the nervous system.

A complete journey for the senses.

Your practitioner will begin with a combination of personal stories, questions and conversations. Some questions may include, why you are seeking a session, personal history, current environment, and possible physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

Practitioners will use a combination of different tools, activities, and exercises to customize your Signature Service for optimum healing. Our experts are often fluent in using different divination tools, sounds, movements, and expressions of intuition to guide your journey of self-discovery. Creating a space that is conducive to promoting wellbeing, relaxation, and trust is key for providing the greatest benefits to our clients.
You do not have to do anything to prepare for your Signature Service, but opening your mind to a new type of experience may be useful.

Meditation, grounding, journaling, or any type of introspection leading up to your session can be helpful. The more relaxed, comfortable, and aware the more you will get out of it.These bespoke sessions are customized for each recipient, so your practitioner will provide any tools or materials required for the session.
Taking care of yourself after doing inner work is of paramount importance. You may feel a shift in your energy or have certain thoughts keep coming up. This is all normal after a deeper session. Give yourself time for reflection, thought, rest, or meditation.

Drinking plenty of water is one of the most essential things you can do after a session. Do reach out with questions, feedback or to schedule a follow-up session at your convenience.