Acupuncture is an ancient practice that promotes healing by the insertion of hair-thin needles at strategic points along the body.  This improves the flow of energy, aiding in both the prevention and treatment in a multitude of conditions.  From its historical roots in China, acupuncture has become a trusted, healing remedy used around the world.  After discussing your treatment with your Altyr certified practitioner, if cupping and/or gua sha is appropriate, it is included. Acupressure also available (non-needle treatment).

Puncture + Tincture 

Our signature acupuncture experience combines the relaxation of an acupuncture session, and the herbal benefits of a personalized, custom tincture - all in the privacy and comfort of your home. 

Currently available in Los Angeles (in-person) only. 

Your ALTYR practitioner will set up their table in a space you provide. During the pre-session consultation, you will be asked about any chronic and/or recent physical pain, mental anxiety, or emotionally-driven situations. Based on this conversation, your practitioner will select appropriate points to insert the new and sterile acupuncture needles. These points are called meridians - energy channels in the body that when activated, revert the body to a state of homeostasis. The needles do not hurt - they are as thin as a piece of hair, and will only remain in you for 20-30 minutes while you are laying down in a relaxed position, with the ability to drift off into sleep if you so choose. Once the needles are removed, you and your practitioner can talk about any additional support or other therapies (e.g. cupping, herbs) that you may need.
Make sure to clear an area for the table in an uninterruptable, quiet space. Wear loose, breathable clothing. Don't come to your treatment on an empty stomach - we suggest a light meal or snack, and nothing with caffeine. Because you may be subject to a tongue diagnosis, we recommend you don't eat colorful candy or even brush your tongue before your session. Make sure you allocate some time after the session for personal relaxation - being too overscheduled after acupuncture can mitigate its effects.
Do not shower or bathe for up to 12 hours after the session. Feel free to eat a small, healthy meal for nutrients and minerals. Drink plenty of water and refrain from alcohol, at least for a few hours. Allow your body to rest - meditating after an acupuncture session has been known to only strengthen its effects.

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