Set your intention or celebrate an important milestone with a custom designed ceremony led by an ALTYR practitioner. Whether you are excited for a new beginning or looking to move forward after closing a chapter in your life, we’ll help you set the pathway for positivity, abundance and light.


Chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac and the Cacao plant that it comes from is much more than that - an energetic, physical and emotional heart medicine. Indigenous cultures use this plant medicine in Ceremony as a means of opening the line of communication with their hearts. Your ALTYR guide will create a safe space for you to connect to your hearts, your inner selves, and each other.  Cacao allows you the insight and awareness to move confidently through old patterns to transform your understanding of yourself. This can allow you to connect on a deep and intimate level with your partner and create new patterns moving forward in your relationship. To close the ceremony, your guide supports your integration into the body through sound and meditation.  If you choose a virtual option, a cacao kit will be sent to you in advance.


Book an in-person group ceremony in Los Angles, CA or Austin, TX for 4 people or less online or email book@thealtyr.com for a larger group request. 

Good for reducing anxiety and stress, encourages mindfulness, builds trust and develops connection. Can increase enjoyment and help you live with intention.

All ceremonies are different and reflective of you, your journey, and where you are heading. ALTYR practitioners may ask specific and general questions to get to know you, and the reasons and goals for your ceremony.

Ceremony can also be ritualistic, a rite of passage, or an expression of honor. If you have certain manifestations you want to bring into your experience, your ALTYR practitioner will help you create a ceremony around that as well as suggest ways that you can further draw such manifestations into your life.

If you are celebrating a new beginning, your ALTYR practitioner will learn about your past, present, and future while creating a ceremony that reflects the values, ideas, and goals you are aligned with. Fill your thoughts of the future with hope, excitement, and energy.

If you are saying goodbye to a loved one, our intuitive practitioners will help you create a safe space where you can express your emotions and begin to heal. Finding ways to connect with painful memories can be challenging and ALTYR practitioners are trained to help you navigate those experiences.
Bring any and all intentions with you into this space and communicate them to your ALTYR practitioner, before or at the start of the session. Your practitioner will bring the tools and materials they feel they need for the session, but it is important you share any special or specific requests with your ALTYR practitioner when you make your booking (email book@thealtyr.com), or as soon as you feel comfortable to and have any items or totems that are meaningful to include in the ceremony.

Decide on a space for your ceremony and have a blanket and/or a yoga mat for each participant.
Make sure to take care of yourself after doing inner work, drink water, and get adequate rest. Since the nature of all ceremonies will be different, there are no specific things you need to do after your session. Toward the end of your session, your ALTYR practitioner may recommend certain activities for you to do if applicable. No matter what kind of ceremony you have, you will leave feeling lighter, more empowered, and in touch with your natural energy.