Affirmations to Attract Love

Looking for love? 

Well, the first thing you’ll have to do is fall in love with yourself. A healthy loving relationship with yourself is key to attracting love in your life and to improve your experience finding it. Take the phrase, “in love”. You have to be in it with yourself first. This helps you resonate better with the right people you want to attract into your life.

This might be easier for some than others and we all have different ways of doing so. On the most basic level, finding ways to recognize why you’re amazing helps us feel this. That’s why we seek it out in others so much. We want someone to make us feel amazing. 

Well, guess what? That person is you. Here are some reasons on why positive affirmations to attract love can make you feel better and help you attract someone perfect for you!

Why Affirmations Matter

The thoughts and feelings you give yourself on a day-to-day basis play a big role in how you feel you deserve love. So before you go out there looking for a partner, take some time to familiarize yourself with positive affirmations for love. Finding a way to get in touch with your inner being can be achieved through affirmations, meditations, and everyday reminders of who you are. 

Affirmation is a form of mediation, as it uses your intentional focus to create changes in your mind. For those just getting started, guided meditation may be a great way to start your affirmation journey. You will incorporate principles that help you tune in with yourself.

How Affirmations Work

Affirmations work by helping you rewire any negative messaging you may be telling yourself, consciously or subconsciously. A lot of the time, we can get in our own way and when looking for love, both within ourselves or in another person. Repeating positive words to yourself affects you subconsciously, because you are also hearing them. Affirmations to attract love help by reminding you and incorporating self truth you may be neglecting. They also help by opposing self-limiting beliefs that may be getting in your way.

Affirmations to Attract True Love and Romance

affirmations to attract love make me happy to be me

“I love myself”


 “I am more than worthy of love.”


“I am now open to give and receive love.”


“My special someone will come at the right time.”


“I attract healthy people and relationships.”


“I am whole and ready to accept love.”


“My heart is prepared to receive love.”


“I have unconditional love to give.”


“The people in my life love me unconditionally.”


“I find love everywhere I go.”

Use these or make up your own version. Make sure to write your affirmations down. The process of putting the thought to paper helps make thought real. Keep an affirmations journal or put them somewhere you will see them often, like a mirror or desk. For extra luck, use our Boundless Love Heart Elixir while repeating your affirmations to reinforce them. It’s also included in our Attract Love Altyr Toolkit, along with ceremonial grade cacao, a rhodonite gemstone, Palo Santo and smudging feather. 

In Closing 

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to love you for yourself more, a great first step to attracting love in your life. Use the law of attraction to find love by aligning yourself with the knowledge that you are worthy of love.