Guided Meditation Practices

Meditation is a practice of mindfulness-based stress reduction that helps focus our attention on deep breath. All kinds of meditation can help us practice mindfulness, deal with difficult emotions, and reduce stress. The basic idea is to slow the mind down by noticing how we breathe in and out, and learning to return to that breath. 

A good practice will help us anchor ourselves in the present moment, when and wherever we need to. It also teaches us to approach ourselves with more compassion and less judgment, creating space to make better choices for our lives and those of our loved ones. Meditation can also help people break through self-limiting beliefs or feelings of unworthiness. It can lead to better sleep and more energy throughout the day.

There are many different types of meditation, ranging from silent meditation, body scan meditation, walking meditation, group meditation, and guided meditation. In this post, we’ll be discussing one of the most popular forms of meditation, guided meditations. This is a great place to start for beginners, too!

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation helps us focus on our breath by using a proven meditation script to guide the session. When our mind wanders, a calm, paced voice is there to help us stay on track. It becomes easier to pay attention to our breath this way, and can be an easier way for beginners to sink deeper into loving, kindness meditation. There is always something to come back to and can help lessen any mental resistance we may be experiencing. 

Guided meditations will usually teach listeners one meditation technique. As the guided meditation begins, different parts of the mediation process may be mentioned. Guided meditations may help listeners settle their mind and body for the meditation or how to position themselves. Sometimes, they will start with a brief message about how our minds, thoughts, and emotions work together. Alternatively, guided meditations can focus on how to incorporate meditation and mindfulness techniques into your daily life.

How to Practice Guided Meditation

One of the most convenient ways to try guided meditation is to use a meditation video or meditation app. We can listen along as we meditate at our own time. The speed and pace of these guided meditations are meant to help us recenter ourselves if we get distracted, and slow our breath down as we do. 

woman experiences virtual guided meditation

These forms of meditation are often focused around a theme or topic, and can help break down a practice into smaller pieces. We may be drawn to doing a meditation about something specific in our lives or at a certain time of day. Fortunately, there are many general and specific guided meditation or different lengths to choose from, depending on your goals or lifestyle. 

Mini-meditations are a great way to incorporate a targeted, 30-minute meditation into your day. At your own schedule, our practitioners offer virtual sessions to help you work on improving your mood, calming your nerves, and boosting your energy. This can be a powerful tool to use to start or end a workday, or get through a tough middle of the week. By addressing any work-related stress as it comes up, we maintain a state of mind better from day to day. 

How to Improve My Practice

The best way to get better at any practice is to spend more time on it. Meditation techniques can be improved by meditating longer and more often. Both help in different ways. Meditating more often helps the mind get into a mindfulness and meditation state quicker. On the other hand, meditating longer allows us to practice remaining focused on our breath. By developing both, the mind will more naturally stay calmer, longer. 

Working with a trained guided meditation practitioner, either in person or virtually, can greatly help improve meditation practice. ALTYR practitioners will help create a calm environment and also help identify where one might be struggling or where there is opportunity to improve. ALTYR practitioners are experienced meditators themselves and can offer a lot of wisdom into your practice. 

Try a Guided Meditation 

Even just three short minutes can help us reframe our day. Join ALTYR practitioner Caitlin for this quick midday visualization. Here is a great example of just how three minutes to center and soften could be just the reset we need to take on the afternoon. 



In Closing

Guided meditation is one of the best forms of meditation for beginners. For some, it can be overwhelming to know exactly how and where to start. Both starting and more advanced meditators can greatly benefit from using guided meditations to set and achieve meditation goals, explore new types of guided meditation techniques, and develop a better understanding of how they can use meditation to positively affect brain health and well-being.