Reiki Symbols

How Reiki Works 

Reiki is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine today, used by practitioners of all backgrounds. Reiki practice works by applying universal healing energy to our body energy centers, or chakras. A trained practitioner can feel where there is negative or blocked energy on the recipient’s body and send reiki specifically there. This results in a warming, relaxing sensation that leaves us feeling energized and refreshed. 

Reiki attunements are passed down from reiki masters to practitioners, in addition to their practice and study. While reiki is a universal life energy we can all access, developing further skills and understanding the reiki symbols can greatly support the effect reiki has on our lives as well as others. 

Reiki Symbols 

Using the four main Mikao Usui reiki symbols, reiki practitioners can direct certain types of energy to where it needs to go. While energy during a reiki session flows to where it needs to go anyway, the use of symbols helps focus the healing and energy. Each symbol represents a different way to interact with our mental and emotional selves. Here are descriptions of the main four!

Cho Ku Rei

The Cho Ku Rei symbol is the power symbol that represents the vital life force. It looks like a coil that can be drawn clockwise or counterclockwise. This symbol can be used to increase or decrease personal power, promote physical healing, and improve positive energy flow.

CHO KU REI reiki symbols
Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki is the harmony symbol, used also for balance and protection. It can be used to mitigate headaches, negative thoughts, and promote self love. This symbol is a great way to help balance both sides of the brain.

sei he ki reiki symbol

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

One of the more complicated symbols to understand, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the distance symbol. It refers to having no present, past, or future, but just the energy that is. It is one of the most powerful symbols, and used in distance healing and attunements.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen reiki symbols

Dai Ko Myo

Dai Ko Myo, the master symbol, is the most sacred of the reiki symbols. It has the highest vibration and enlightens the upper chakras and their connection to spirit. This symbol is primarily used for attunements, clearing negative blocks, and promoting immune health.

Dai ko myo reiki symbols

Seeking Reiki Healing

We can benefit from a reiki session regardless of how much we understand the symbols. ALTYR’s certified practitioners are experienced in using them, allowing the recipient to relax and receive the energetic benefits of the energy healing session. These sessions can take place in-person or virtually and over any amount of distance. 

Learn more about the benefits of reiki and how you can find a session near you.

In Closing

Reiki is both a specialized and general practice. Since reiki is universal life force energy, it does not need an in-depth understanding to work. However, those of us who choose to fine tune that skill will find that a deeper comprehension of the symbols allows them to transmute energy more efficiently. For reiki masters, offering attunements, the symbols play a slightly different role, focused more on passing the teachings to reiki students