Shamanic Breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful healing technique that has been used for thousands of years. Our own breath is healing and transformative for body, mind, and heart. Learning how to develop good breathing techniques can help support multiple areas of our lives. Coupled with shamanic healing wisdom of ancient traditions, the effect is multiplied and can support our spiritual growth too. 

Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic breathwork blends the timeless wisdom of ancient spirit guides with emerging new paradigm methods of healing. It inspires individuals to awaken to altered states of consciousness through conscious breathing. Once we have control over our breathing, a deeper exploration of our minds and bodies becomes possible. 

man practicing shame breathing

Shamanic breathwork takes us to our core selves, allowing us work through any issues we may have experienced, addressing trauma tied to our past, and empowering ourselves in daily life. For many, altered states of consciousness are achieved, leading to revelations and epiphanies about oneself. It is a very powerful experience, that when done often, can really connect one to their own core being. 

In these deep altered states, people have reported being able to awaken their own life force energy, remember past lives, meet spirit guides, rewire negative programming, as well as experience astral travel. The state allows us to connect with the archetypal world and our roles within it. The different archetypes represent thoughts, concepts, feelings, and ideas that are part of our collective unconscious, recognizable or relatable to most people universally. 

Benefits of a Breathwork Session

Controlling and manipulating breathing techniques can almost immediately reduce stress and boost creativity. Being in such a state can help us identify negative habits or unwanted energy patterns in life. It can help prioritize our desires and goals, as well as lead to a happier daily life. 

Breathwork facilitators can greatly improve the quality of our breathing, as they may notice patterns that we do not. Breathwork sessions are highly experiential, as the practitioner will focus with the recipient in real time. Some may incorporate stimuli to relax the mind, such as soft music or chakra attuned musical instruments. They will help create a safe, protected space for your mind and body to sink into.

Regardless of whether we choose silence or music, an in-person or virtual session, the goal is to reach a level of relaxation so that the mind focuses on our internal world. Once there, the mind and soul journey where they need to go. In cases where trauma or depression may be involved, a breathwork practitioner can greatly facilitate this transition. 

In Closing

Shamanic breathwork is a powerful tool to incorporate into our daily habits, meditation practice, or spiritual practice. By focusing on centering around our breath, pressures of the external world fade while parts that may have been neglected or ignored come up in examination. Centering ourselves around our breathing is often overlooked during daily life. Taking some time each day or week to develop this part of our being can greatly benefit our mental health. 

Throughout the years, different forms of this technique have been used in both ancient and modern cultures. We see this manifest both in the people’s personal lives who seek the health and wellness benefits of breathwork as well as in the cultural and social traditions of spirit seekers who use breathwork for creating a bridge between the mind, body, and soul. No matter how we seek to use this wonderful technique, its benefits are immediately accessible to us to improve our own lives.