Small Steps to Wellness: New Moon Mini Meditations

A New Moon marks a new beginning.  On November 23, 2022 at 2:57 PM PST, the Sun and Moon meet in Sagittarius.  The darkness in the sky isn’t a forecast of darkness, rather an opportunity to reveal the light within.  A New Moon in Sagittarius offers an auspicious time for writing intentions for adventure, freedom, and goodwillSetting your intentions can’t be forced. Rather, allow the energy within to guide your way.  

New Moon Intentions

Setting new moon intentions creates the opportunity to focus on one aspect of growth for the moon cycle.  Big changes don’t happen overnight.  They require taking small steps over time in a direction.  The New Moon allows the energetic opportunity to set intentions and realign the direction of your steps.  With this New Moon occurring in Sagittarius, the opportunistic world is at your fingertips. Whatever your intention: living more fully present, embarking on a new venture, or taking small steps toward wellness, this optimistic lunation is on your side. 

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How-to Practice Mini Meditations for the New Moon

Prepare a space for your mini-meditation and listen to your spiritual compass.

  1. Find your quiet, relaxing place: a room, a forest, a beach, a bath.
  2. Atmosphere: enhance your reflection with crystals, candles, meditation or guided meditation
  3. Reflection: try the prompts: 
    1. How am I different since the last New Moon?
    2. How would I like to change in this next cycle?
  4. Consider what soul work is coming up for you.  
  5. Write one intention either on paper or in your heart.  Use this intention as your guide to take action.
    1. Create three mini-actions connected to your intention.  
    2. Complete these steps as your small steps to wellbeing in this cycle.

Mindful Ways to Wellness

A New Moon ritual requires a practice in mindfulness.  We often hear that in order to live a healthy lifestyle, we need to start exercising more, we need better self care, etc.  In the grand scheme of things, these types of intentions lack clarity and get lost.  The New Moon offers a time to quietly tune in to your heart, mind, emotions, and spirit and reflect on what is coming to the surface for you- without the noise of what you “should” be doing.  Take advantage of the New Moon energy.  The ways to wellness are within you.