A Wellness Quiz to Learn about Yourself

When looking to reach our life’s full potential, it’s essential to create daily practices that enhance our well-being and create the balance necessary to continuously evolve.

We hear ‘getting started’ is the hardest part of a wellness journey.  Getting started requires taking time to clearly look within and assess your wellness which can be difficult with a busy schedule and noisy mind. One solution is taking a simple wellness quiz.

What is a wellness quiz?

A wellness check quiz provides a simple way to gauge and prioritize your wellness needs.  Most wellness health assessments ask strategic multiple choice questions in order to provide you with relevant next steps.  

The questions will ask about your current practices and rituals, how you’re feeling about the results you have now, and what you are looking to improve.

Learn where to get started, so you can move from ‘thinking’ about your wellness journey to actively stepping into your wellness journey.

wellness checklist

Why audit your wellness? 

Wellness is our life-force.  Enhance your energetic life-force by checking in with your daily practices toward caring for all the parts of yourself: spiritual, emotional, mental, environmental, physical. 

When you audit your wellness, there is inward reflection: how am I feeling? And outward reflection: what do I need to improve my wellness?

Commonly, stress, anxiety, and trauma result in physical pain and make relaxing feel impossible. Many people have found healing in the relaxing effects of breathwork. Others look toward self-directed practices and tools to enhance their daily calming rituals,  

Once you know what you need, you can begin a practice or schedule a service to move you toward feeling better and living better.

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How to use your results

Before jumping into a wellness program, a wellness quiz can help you take a closer look at where you are now.  Your results will guide you toward a service that will help get you where you want to be.

Wellness assessments are a practical tool meant to help guide you in taking a step forward in improving your mental health. Audit your wellness with Altyr’s Modality Matching Assessment especially designed to take out the guesswork and present you with a specific program or service based solely on your responses.  

The path to the practice you need is right in front of you. Start your wellness journey today with a simple wellness check-in.