Sound Bath at Home

The power of sound has been used for healing for thousands of years. Using singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and other resonant instruments, sound bath experiences provide healing power to our bodies and minds. This type of sound therapy produces soothing frequencies that act on brain waves to create relaxed states of being. 

Sound baths are meditative experiences, combining vibration, rhythm, and specific frequencies to induce deep relaxation. Our whole universe is based on vibration and a sound bath can help retune and rebalance energy in our bodies that have built up to produce less desirable feelings.    

Preparing Your Space for A Sound Bath

It is important to set the mood for a sound bath, both by preparing the space as well as ourselves. The sound healer may recommend certain preparations, depending on whether it is an in-person sound bath in Los Angeles or a virtual session. Virtual sound baths are just as effective for people who prefer it.  Dim lighting, incense, and a clutter-free environment are some of the important things to prepare.

Our homes can be the perfect place for a sound bath as we are comfortable there and have access to our belongings if we need them. Our homes are also full of the same energy we are bringing to a session since we spend so much time in them. A sound bath at home may provide a vibrational reset for us and the spaces we inhabit. 

Setting Intentions

Another thing to prepare ahead of a sound bath is our intention. It helps to set an intention for a session and contemplate what we would like to gain from it. This focused energy can be transmuted by the sound bath and the space of mindfulness created by it. Singing bowls can often be made from quartz crystal, which helps absorb, store, release and regulate energy.

An intention will often guide our meditation practices and sessions, allowing us to refocus and recenter on it as the sound waves vibrate through us. We can bring a thought or idea with us into the practice and see how our thoughts change around it during the session. With the help of a trained sound bath practitioner, much of the negative thoughts surrounding an intention may lighten or seem less important. 

Benefits of a Sound Bath

Sound baths have a number of benefits on the mind and body. Sound healing can lower blood pressure, relax the nervous system, and help reduce mental clutter. Additionally, it can help move stagnant energy out of the body, leaving us feeling lighter, freer, and happier. 

Many sound bath healers use instruments specifically tuned to each of the chakras or energy centers in the body. This allows the practitioner to to focus on a chakra both energetically and vibrationally.  

Here is a short 3 minute sound bath to help balance the root chakra. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply, and shift awareness slowly to the sound and voice in the video below. 



In Closing

South baths are a great way to integrate mindfulness into our lives. Easily approachable and very relaxing, most recipients will sink right into the harmonizing vibrations. Sound baths can be done as often as needed, and repeated using video or audio recordings. Instruments usually used may include Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, cymbals, and more. Practitioners pick and use instruments that best resonate with chakras, emotions, or relaxation. We may consider what part of our lives may benefit from this extra focus on and attention, only to find that such an experience can be wholly balancing for the body, mind, and spirit.