Full Moon Eclipse: Ritual and Ceremony

A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon when the Sun, Moon, and Earth align in such a way that the Earth’s shadow obscures the Moon.  

During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon falls into the ‘umbra’, the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow.  The phenomenon is what creates the reddish hue often referred to as the “Blood Moon” and will occur at about 2:17 AM on Nov 8, 2022

If your viewing conditions are not ideal to see the Blood Moon on Nov 8, 2022,  you can livestream the eclipse from telescopes around the world.

Lunar eclipses are deeply transformative times as they provide opportunities to reveal what is hidden, release what is blocking, and relax into the transformative changes toward life’s purpose.  

Significance of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This is especially true for the full lunar eclipse on Nov 8 which occurs while the Sun is in Scorpio and near the North Node which begets a thirst for ‘what’s next’ and yearning toward change and growth.  Also positioned next to Uranus, this full lunar eclipse offers disruptive change.

With access to the deep emotional waters of Scorpio, this is a time of great healing.  You also may need an anchor to help release these emotions and swim toward what is being revealed.

The proximity to the North Node moves one toward life’s work and purpose.  During this time, it will be easy to get swept up in what’s coming next.  Don’t miss the opportunity here to reflect on and find gratitude in the growth that occurred in the last cycle.

Uranus, the disruptor, adds a layer to this particular lunar eclipse.  Expect the unexpected.  If you are particularly sensitive to surprises, you may need an extra buffer in your routine.

Practicing a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual will help you tap into the expansive opportunities of this emotionally charged time.

Full Moon Eclipse Ritual

full moon eclipse ritual

Lunar Eclipse Rituals aid in letting go of what is no longer serving you.  Move toward transformation by releasing emotions, attachments, or energy that prevent you from reaching the next phase in fulfilling your life’s purpose.  It’s a perfect time to schedule a ceremony service or complete a ritual on your own.

Here are some spiritual things to do during a Full Moon.

Release through Writing:
  1. Get Grounded: Light a candle.  Breath with longer exhales than inhales to circulate fresh oxygen throughout.
  2. Write: Journal about the emotions that are revealing themselves while the moon is in the earth’s shadow while reflecting on the events of the last cycle.  Let it all out. 

    Having trouble getting started? Consider the prompt: What am I ready to let go of?
  3. Release: Light the page using your candle.  Allow the page to burn (in a fire safe container), releasing attachments.
Release through Cleansing Bath 
  1. Get Grounded: Add rose petals, Himalayan salt, or rosemary to your bath. Light candles.  
  2. Relax: Turn off all distractions.  Sink into the water, clear your mind, focus on your breath.  Deeply inhale and exhale 7-10 times.
  3. Release: Allow all of your negativity to leave  your body and wash away into the water. As you drain the water, imagine all that you are releasing being washed down the drain.
Release through Movement
  1. Get Grounded: Choose a space where you can move freely.  Intentionally pick a soundtrack that will move you toward freedom.  Firmly place the soles of your feet on the ground.  Shift your weight from your heels to your toes 5 times.
  2. Dance! Turn the music up.  Loosen your body.  If you’re feeling stiff, let your arms hang and sway from side to side at first.
  3. Release: Then, let it all flow out.  Imagine letting go of all resistance and welcoming in freeing, light energy.  

silhouette of a woman ritualTap into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

A full moon lunar eclipse is the perfect time to examine the parts of ourselves that we are ready to release.  By letting go of emotions, actions, and energy, we can move toward our life’s purpose.  The effects of this lunar eclipse will last through the new year, into March 2023.

Tap into the benefits of this emotionally energetic time by engaging in a Full Moon Eclipse Ritual.  Whether you are drawn towards writing, cleansing, or dancing, to release, take the time to love yourself, how far you’ve come, and where you’re headed next.