Guided Meditation for the Full Moon

A full moon is a powerful time to connect with the divine, purify the energy around us, manifest a life directly connected to our soul’s purpose, and release all that is no longer serving.

One of the easiest ways to connect with divine energy is through guided meditation.  A guided meditation practice will bring your current spiritual work to light.  

To fully tap into this opportunistic time of the full moon, you may choose an audio, video, or customized guided meditation connected to your intention.

Benefits of Guided Meditation Under a Full Moon

With the sun, earth, and moon alignment during a full moon, the moon fully reflects the sun’s light. This makes it the perfect time to fully reflect on the ways our own actions align with our purpose heightening the benefits of guided meditation. Reflection Question: What obstacles are keeping me from reaching my full potential?  

Meditation brings the calm, relaxation, and presence needed to mindfully tune into our spiritual center.  The light of the full moon allows our spiritual path to be more clearly lit and accessible.  

The sun’s full reflection on the moon also showcases the intensity of emotions felt under a full moon.  We can be especially sensitive and feel stress more acutely.  Guided meditation calms our nerves, boosts our energy, and guides us back into mindful awareness and deep relaxation.  

Listening to a guided meditation helps us get recentered, stay mindful of breathing, and focus on the intention we’ve set.

How to Meditate Under a Full Moon

Meditation as a practice gets easier with time.  The more frequently you practice mediation, the easier it is to get into a meditative state.  

With the heightened awareness available under the full moon, setting an intention prior to meditation will aid your practice.  A guided meditation will also assist you in getting the most out of your time.  

Step 1: Set an Intention: Ask yourself: What am I trying to release? 

I let go of the belief that…

I am releasing my…

Step 2: Choose a guided meditation: try a free audio meditation, video mini-meditation, or book a free mini session for deepest healing.

Step 3: Create a quiet space free of distractions.  Consider incense, crystals or a tool kit to enhance your meditation practice

Step 4: Allow the guided meditation script to lead you.

Even a 30 minute guided meditation (or less) can be quite powerful.  You might consider a guided meditation for sleep, anxiety, or healing.

Guided Meditation and Manifestation

The clarity and calm created in meditation sets us up for putting our insights into practice. Utilizing mediation to manifest under a full moon puts purpose not only in our mediation, but in our thoughts, actions, habits, etc.

Creating a life of abundance, possibility, and purpose is available to each of us.  A full moon is the perfect time to start toward your destination through mediation or to accelerate your journey through manifestation.